Saturday, June 7, 2014


   We fly out of Regina at just after 6 tomorrow morning so we had to decide whether to stay home and come to Regina in the middle of the night or else come in today.  We decided on today as there were a couple of not-to-be-missed happenings in Regina.
One was an artist trading card event to celebrate a mail-in show which is at the Norman McKenzie Gallery for the summer months.  The show is great and there was fun trading with lots of people.
At Mosaic we visited eight pavilions with my two favorite being the Brazilian and the Poltava Ukrainian.  The dances from these areas are so athletic and unbelievable.
Poltava was packed and we watched from the back so I don't have a good photo but never fear, Weyburnites.  The Poltava Dancers are one of the concert series this year so you can see them in the Cugnet Centre.
Russia was one of the new pavilions this year and I really enjoyed the entertainment there plus a cold salad of beets and beans.  I've got to Google for the recipe.  What I love about this photo is not the performers but the turban-thingy on the audience lady's head!  Even the dancers seem to be eyeing it.
Here's a photo of the "facilities" at the Scottish pavilion.  Scotland, please, please, please, be more advanced than this.  You can spot Bob in the photo and he looks like he's rushing to the porta-johns but he's really hurrying into the pavilion as the massed band was performing.

See you all in Stratford tomorrow.


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