Sunday, June 29, 2014

What Would You Name Your Pub?

I should have taken more photos of pub names.  The Irish and Scots are imaginative when they come to naming pubs ... well, sometimes.  You've already seen the picture of this pub which simply states it like it is.
We saw this one in Dublin and others in various places are The Three Jolly Pigeons, Biddy Early's, Nick Tam's Bar & Bothy and Whistlebinkies.  In the little village of Spean Bridge a bar was The Black Bitch and had a picture of a Black Lab on the sign.  What would yours be called?  Ours would have to have King in it, but I haven't figured out the definitive one yet.
In both Ireland and Scotland we saw empty kegs waiting for pick up. 
Scotland has this soft drink which is supposed to be very good for hangovers. 
Ireland has this Coke promotion that has names on the bottles.  I found Elizabeth and Crystal but couldn't find a Rob or Robert.
I'm surprised I found their names as there were so many that aren't commonly used Canadian names.  Below are some personalized bottle openers you could buy in one of the tourists shops.

We stayed in great inns and B & Bs with the exception of one.  This one in Stirling had a fruit bowl containing bananas, apricots, mandarin oranges, grapes, and plums all for the two of us.
Here's the house I thought we should buy.  Bob was quite happy to notice it wasn't for sale.  I loved looking at the real estate ads in the daily papers and found that we would have trouble affording a home in either country.
If I was going to spot pixies or leprechauns anywhere, this little glade would have been the place ... nope, not a one.  Those little folks sure know how to hide.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time!! Now....about the blue it too much to ask you for blue skies ALL DAY???? Come can make that happen can't you??