Monday, June 9, 2014

Niagara, a "Natural" Wonder

Before I tell about the main part of our day at Niagara Falls, let me tell you about a great block and a half in Stratford.  Part of that block is a shop called Watson's.
It has two resident cats who roam freely.  I guess cats in a china shop aren't as worrisome as bulls in a china shop.
This one seemed to dare me to go to some Shakespeare Festival shows.  "I'm seeing five," I assured him before he stopped glaring at me.
Margot, an artist here in Ontario stole Kick Glass's idea and doubled the prices.  I'm glad I bought from your company. 
And Barb and Leah, this store is the North American distributor for Emma Bridgewater!
Some of it was on sale!
There was also pottery by Cath Kidston and some wonderful stuff by an Irish company called Nicholas Mosse.  The clerk encouraged me to visit that factory in County Kilkenny.  I think I must!
I fell more deeply in love with this block and a half of businesses when I spotted this flower box outside a cheese shop... 
...and this dear window...
... and the name and sign for this business...
... and the "few" Stratford activities listed in this window...
... and this humorous fountain...
And that was in a block and a half!  No wonder I love Stratford.
We drove to the little town of Millbank to eat a café called Anna Mae's.  One of the vegetable choices was sauerkraut so naturally I loved that place too.
Down all the country roads we saw wash on the clothes lines.  Monday = wash day just as it did when my grandmother was a young wife.

Then we were off to Niagara Falls.  When I visited it as a grade eleven student, it was a bunch of water which hardly anyone paid attention to and then numerous manmade attractions like Madame Tussuad's and Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum which everyone poured into.  It seems no different now other than the manmade attractions have multiplied tenfold.  I'm sure lots of people go there and don't even look at the falls.

Elizabeth and I succumbed to crass commercialism by each having a Coke float.
We Kings loved the falls though.  In our opinion God-made natural wonders far surpass manmade commercial gimmicks.
Here are the American Falls...

...and here are the Canadian ones.
There is a truly romantic photo of Bob and me at the Falls but I'll post it tomorrow as it's time for bed.  Word is that we are heading to St Jacob very early tomorrow to have apple fritters for breakfast.  

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