Friday, June 27, 2014

Back in Weyburn, the Home of Blue Skies

While we've been away, we heard that Weyburn mostly had gloomy skies and rain.  On FB I promised to bring blue skies home with us for that's what we had wherever we went.
Here you can see us hauling the blue skies from Toronto.  It seems to have worked as I am looking out at blue skies tonight here in Weyburn.  I hope it lasts as I want to do yard work tomorrow.
While we were at the Toronto airport, Bob was figuring out how much we spent and it mustn't have been too bad as he is smiling a bit.  One reason our budget wasn't outrageous is because Bob spends cautiously.  Some of you know the story of him buying a pair of shoelaces on one of our trips to NYC.  That was his total souvenir and he wouldn't have bought that if one of his old ones hadn't broken.  On this trip he bought exactly one shirt, the one he's wearing here.


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