Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bob Knocks One Off His Life List

We flew from Dublin to Edinburgh today and picked up our non-BMW rental car and headed to Stirling which Bob has always wanted to visit.
Then he saw a bagpipe store in Stirling and thought, "life doesn't get better than this."
And I found a garden where sweet peas were planted with roses and thought, "life doesn't get better than this."
And death can't get better than being buried in this beautiful setting.
Elizabeth, there's an ice cream truck right at the entry to Stirling Castle.  Keep reading, folks, because I'm going to talk more about my brilliant daughter in a minute.
The castle and grounds are immense and we couldn't begin to take in everything we were told and everything we read. 

I would love to see the key that fits this keyhole.
If you have ever thought Canada is crazy for having the beaver as our national animal, hold on.  Scotland has the unicorn!
Glenda, this picture is for you in case you haven't spotted my purse yet.
Leah, this one is for you.  I had a bacon butty at lunch today, much enhanced by Brie cheese.  Food prices were so crazy in Ireland that we didn't eat much exotic stuff.  Menus we have looked at here, look much more reasonable.
Barb, we have seen tablet fudge everywhere and it will be our treat tomorrow.
Now to talk about Elizabeth ... I was most shocked to learn that when she was in Ireland, she paid to have her laundry done.  Kings are know for their frugality so that took me by surprise.  Her rationale was excellent:  "Am I going to spend three hours of my precious time in Ireland in a laundry?"  She's brilliant; we followed her example.
Jocelyn, I kept thinking I was in Thompson as it didn't get dark until 10 p.m.  Now I think we are farther north than Thompson since we're told it won't get dark until 11 and will get light at 3:30 here in Stirling.


  1. That new purse looks big enough to bring back a little something-something for your favorite peeps!! It's going to get pretty heavy by the time you start heading home!! Looks like a great time!!

  2. The irony is that I seldom carry more than my wallet, keys, a comb, and dental floss in my purse. Perhaps I will fill it with tablet fudge, my favorite sweet in Scotland ... and then if you show up on my deck some day, I will share it with you.