Friday, June 13, 2014

Dublin Delights

We're still awake at 8:30 and that's amazing us.  Our flight left Toronto at 11 last night, right on time, and was very uneventful and smooth, but we never sleep well on a plane.  We got to Dublin at 11 their time and went to pick up our rental car.  One of my guide books advised "rent the narrowest car possible" because of narrow roads with hedgerows and stone fences.  We rented a mid-sized car because usually a European mid-size is the equivalent to an American itty, bitty auto.  Well, we were given a Volvo that looked like a Hummer's steroid-using brother.  We drove it around the parking lot once and then went back and asked for a smaller car.  We now have a very comfortable BMW which will suit the narrow roads.
Here's what some of the roads are like in Dublin around Trinity College, Temple Bar, and Grafton Street.  Love them;  probably women in stilettos hate them.
We visited Trinity College's Old Library and the Book of Kells, the first two things I wanted to cross off my "must do while in Ireland" list.  The library looks like it is a set from a movie.

The Book of Kells didn't disappoint.  To have survived so long, with many of those centuries having no climate controlled glass to put around it, is incredible.  The colors still glow and the videos shown of a person creating with a quill and ink and a person binding in the traditional techniques of that time were very informative.  In the gift shop, Bob would not part with 45 euros to have a belt commemorating the Book of Kells.  It had the initials BK on it, but my BK said he didn't need it.
The first store I saw on Grafton Street was a Cath Kidston one. Glenda, you know I brought an old purse along with the idea that I would jettison it as soon as I found a good one.  The old bag is now in the hotel room garbage can.  Scour future photos to see my beautiful new Cath Kidston purse.
There were lots of buskers on Grafton Street and these were my favorite and I had seen them recently on a House Hunters International from Dublin.  They aren't young dudes and they are posed in total stillness as this statue combination but once you drop money in their can, they all bow their heads in appreciation.  Great fun. 
I also liked this sand sculptor who had the mama dog looking exhausted.  While I was watching, he whopped off way too much sand on the puppy's back leg and was quickly rebuilding it.
Lots of corners had flower sellers.  Here's what one stand looks like from the front and from the back.

We went into Sheridan Cheesemongers and the smell of all the ripe cheese was enticing.  I love this sign outside the shop.
I don't love the price of the cheeses quite so much!
We ate at a bar called Fitzgerald's and I had the fish and chips and a Guinness ... my first and last Guinness in Ireland no doubt as apparently I don't even know how to spell it. 

The food was pricey for cheapies like Bob and me, but there was entertainment value.
One was the tile in the bathroom.  Isn't that the Ohio Star quilt pattern?
The toilets had the really high water tanks and I had to reach above my head to pull the chain to flush it.  I've read about these old toilets in novels but hadn't ever seen one.  Can you tell I'm nearing the end of this entry when I'm talking about toilets?
Also, the bar had a little glassed in smoking room.  How long has it been since Weyburn had smoking areas in places like the bingo hall?  Decades ago, I think.
Lots of bars look similar to this.  Can you picture any Weyburn bar putting out a single pot during the summer?
Bob and I are out of our element with some Irish products.
Roses are blooming everywhere ... huge, glorious roses. 

This hotel's free Wi Fi loaded my photos really fast.  I'm pleased.

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  1. I have my pots out today and with these SK gale force winds they will be nothing left but dirt by the end of today!! That's why we don't put out pots!!