Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gloomy Sky over Skye

We did a lot of driving today under dark skies, but thankfully had no more than a few spits of rain.  I really hadn't thought about how high the mountains are in Scotland or that some have snow-capped peaks.
Today, let's start with my favorite signs. 
We stopped at a out-of-the way place in an area where a lot of hikers start their routes.  The gas station/confectionary had this sign which I thought was a good idea.  I thought it was even a better idea when the proprietor told me they had made 7000 pounds (about $14,000) for the Climbers' Rescue Group since they put up the sign two years ago.  What innovative fundraising.
Vanessa, when I am old(er) and wobbly(er), will you help me put a sign like this in front of my house so I can still cross the street to visit you?
Now let's talk food.  I am totally impressed by many of Scotland's eateries placing importance on locally-sourced food.  They often publish the names and information about the people who grow, catch, produce their foods.
Here is Bob and the inn's chef this morning. 
Breakfast was fried scone, sausage, tomato, black pudding, haggis, egg, beans, and bacon.  Scots must love protein at breakfast.  I tried the black pudding and have to admit the taste stayed in my mouth for hours - not a good thing.
Lunch was smoked mackerel pate with homemade oat cakes.  Jocelyn, Bob was surprised they wouldn't just give us the smoked fish with the head on as you did years ago.
Here's the view from the window at breakfast.
I wanted to add some photos that are typically Scottish.  The Scottish thistle isn't quite in bloom yet (see foreground)..
We've seen a number of the shaggy highland cattle but never at a place where we could stop the car and take a picture.  Christa, you commented on my large purse.  Maybe I could put a highland calf in it, bring it to you, and you could expand your cattle breeds.
So here is my typical Scottish photo for the day.  The shy fellow was waiting for his master outside the gas station at Uig.  He told me in no uncertain terms that I was close enough.
And now for a few photos of the beautiful area on Skye and in the area leading to it.  The castle is Eilean Donan, apparently the most photographed castle in Scotland.   We didn't go into it, but I did my share of picture taking there.



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