Friday, June 20, 2014

Officially Castled Out

We don't think we need to see any castles for awhile, but we did see my favorite one last.
Today we went to Castle Campbell, but Bob did a few things before.  Last night he went to a circus and this morning breakfast didn't start until 7:30 so he had to find something to fill his time.  He walked over to the William Wallace Monument which wasn't far from our bed and breakfast.
Campbell Stirling King, we have been seeing your castles and we are most impressed.  Castle Campbell is up a very potholed, one-laned track.  Then you have to walk up and down and up again on a fairly steep hill.  Because of this, the castle gets about 25 people a day and has only 2 employees.  There were no other tourists there when we were.

The view from the castle was lovely.
This is one of the latrine closets on an upper level of the castle.  I wouldn't want to be the guy at the bottom shoveling the s**t!
The castle was built in 1430 and here's what steps look like when people have scurried up and down them for 584 years.
I didn't know there were still red telephone booths around now that everyone has cell phones, but we have actually seen a number of them.
Sometimes you don't see what you expect to see.  I wanted to see this folly, the Pineapple House, which is a few miles south of Stirling.
Here's what we saw instead.  It just means we'll have to take a trip back some day.
It was worth the trip along that very potholed, one-lane road though because I spotted this.  I pictured Finn trying to put the wrappers of his doggy treats in it.  The problem is that he'd have to be the size of Stanley to reach it!
Mark, here's a food which might appeal to you.
And here's some food which will appeal to everyone.  Both will be on my plate sometime before I leave this country.
My lunch was tea and a scone with clotted cream.  Yum!
Here's who I found in downtown Oban this evening.  You'll notice he isn't busking as there isn't any place to leave him money.  Rather he is rallying for a free Scotland.

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