Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Play's the Thing

Today was a day filled with fruits and veggies, poutine, and just the right amount of theater - two great shows, one at the Festival Theater and one at the Avon (Elizabeth's) Theater.
The three of us got up early to get to the St. Jacob farmers' market and back before Elizabeth headed to work at 10.  The place was filled with colorful bouquets of vegetables such as these:

and the biggest coil of sausage I've ever seen.  It looked more like a hooked rug than sausage.
We bought raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and perogies.
Then we had apple fritters for breakfast before returning home.  These are looks of ecstasy because of
Bob golfed a round this morning once Elizabeth headed to work and then Bob and I ate at Boomers.  If it's good enough for John Catucci of "You Gotta Eat Here," then it's good enough for us.  The fun thing was that it seats exactly 10 people all at a long table that's just like the old tables the Comp science labs had.  We chatted with three charming grade seven girls from Toronto who were in town with their class to see Midsummer Night's Dream which was what we saw this afternoon too.  It was sooooo good!
We had time to see the Stratford swans before the show.  They are so elegant in the water and so gangly and uncoordinated on land.
We also had time to browse the Theatre Shop.  Can Bob live without these boxers???

And I thought there were numerous bowties for Duane.  That is, until I noticed ...
they are dog collars!
Shakespeare and I think alike when it comes to Stratford.
Here are the other four shows we're seeing.  We saw Crazy for You our first day and Man of La Mancha tonight.  The set designer for it was the same man who did the Globe set in Regina.  There were similarities, but this one was more amazing.
Oh, right, I said something about posting a romantic photo.  Bob and I have traveled the world but we never had a honeymoon so we (meaning "I") thought we should have a romantic honeymoon shot at Niagara Falls.  You can see that the man in yellow is much more interested in the falls than in our romantic honeymoon kiss!

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