Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crazy for Stratford, Crazy for One of its PAs

Our flight was right on time and it didn't take long to pick up our rental car so we got to Stratford with 10 minutes to spare.  This Stratford employee
was able to slip us Crazy for You tickets and we were in.  The show was great. When we stepped outside at intermission to eat a sandwich, it was raining.
After the show, Shakespeare was in sunlight
as were the raindrop-laden blooms.  I've got to get a black iris to put it with my pink peonies as I think this looks stunning.
Elizabeth then took us backstage at the Avon Theatre where Bob saw many, many things he wants for the Cugnet Centre.  Negotiations will commence when we get home.

The backstage area was packed with props for  Alice Through the Looking Glass and this prop of lobsters appealed to me.  Rotary friends, you've probably seen enough lobster to do you for awhile.
We visited the Studio Stage where I had to see if I could still dramatically quote Julius Caesar. 
Yup, I still have it in me as my audience rapidly jumped from zero to one!
We ate at Mary Blooms Irish Pub so I decided to start building my stamina for cider.  This is an Ontario made one so I can do some comparisons to Irish ones in a week.
This evening is all about lolling about and chatting.

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